Журнал Viche 2016 №4

№4, 2016

Amendments to the Constitution. Restart

On February, 2 the amendments to the Constitution regarding the system of justice were preliminary adopted

The most substantial amendment is that assignment and dismissal of judges will not depend on the Parliament and the President. These plenary powers are passed to the High Council of Justice (High Council of Justice has been reformed – Ed.), and the President will only approve these assignments with his decree.

Reform of the judicial system foresees also that the requirements to the candidates on judicial appointment should be changed: the age should be not less than 30 years old and at least 5 years of legislative experience. Judges who would like to continue their work on their positions must be evaluated according to the criteria of competence, honesty and observance of professional ethics. In addition, before being assigned for a position, the judges will study at National School of Judges of Ukraine for one year.