Viche 2007 3

3, 2007

Ukrainian space of Heide

The representatives of gentle sex will not let me tell a lie, what a perfect figure woman needs to have in order to feel good in a suit with the elastic band on a waist. And American astronaut of the Ukrainian origin Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper managed not to loose even a bit of femininity in a dark blue flying suit. It is clear that during the press-conference that proceeded the ceremony of winners rewarding of Viktor Pinchuks Grant program ZAVTRA.UA (TOMORROW.UA) she found herself under the real thundershower of the mens rapturous looks, who could not help gazing at her slender figure with a thin waist. Having become famous after last year's September flight in the composition of crew of the spaceship Atlantis, Heide hasnt yet gotten used to the increased attention to her, to the necessity to visit public arrangements. And she remains as modest as she was before before she got almost world fame.