Viche 2007 3

3, 2007

Nina KARPACHOVA: A man has the right on dignity

Ombudsman is mediator between power and every person. Since the Verkhovna Rada voted for choosing of the professional lawyer and national deputy Nina Karpachova on the position of the Authorized on human rights on April, 14, more than 750 thousand people have appealed to Ombudsman.

In the recent Ombudsmans report to the Prime Minister Victor Yanukovych About violation of constitutional rights of citizens on the appropriate standard of living in connection with the raising of prices and tariffs on housing and communal services I marked that the power has just jeered at people, when it acted so rudely toward the question of tariffs. One shouldnt forget that the article 30 of the law about housing and communal services clearly determines: the profits of population according to the rates of growth are to take the lead over the increase of prices and tariffs. Consequently, court claims are to be brought first of all against those who declared tariff war to the people.

 And the article 11 of the mentioned law requires the obligatory conducting of the public listening concerning this vital problem. Absolute majority of local boards did not listen to the voice of territorial societies. In my report I ask to make a careful verification of accordance of the law about living and public services and other normative acts of the decisions concerning the increase of tariffs accepted by the regional power. Any eviction is out of the question! As well as no bank department and no mail service department has the right to refuse anybody in acceptance of payment according to old tariffs.