Журнал Viche 2007 №3

№3, 2007

Europe. Time of government

The first working meeting concerning the concluding of a new substantial agreement about collaboration between Ukraine and the European Union took place on March, 5. Ukrainian delegation was headed by the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine Andriy Veselovskyi, the EU was represented by the Chairman of directorate of the European Commission on the questions of the external relations Hugh Mingarelli .

On January, 22 the Council of ministers of foreign affairs of the EU adopted the mandate of the European Commission on negotiations with Ukraine concerning the new substantial agreement. It was marked in the document that the substantial agreement has not to foresee the grant of status of the associated member of the European Union to Ukraine because of non-fulfillment by it the requirements of the Agreement about partnership and collaboration.

At the same time it is marked in the document that the EU acknowledged the European aspirations of Ukraine already in 2005.

 Moreover it is written in conclusions that the European Union will in future support political and economic reforms in Ukraine, directed on strengthening of democracy, stability and clarity in the country and it wants to strengthen its obligations in these directions in the new agreement.