Viche 2007 2

2, 2007

Id6 Will saving-bank have the fate of Ukraine?

On January, 12, 2007, the last workday of the second session, the national deputies of Ukraine overcame the veto of the President concerning the Law About amending the article 7 of the Law About banks and bank activity.

Politically unengaged Ombudsman is needed


A bill that extends the jurisdiction of Commissioner on human rights is registered in the Verkhovna Rada. Nina Karpachova, deputy from Party of regions, proposes to make changes and additions to the Code of the administrative legal procedure of Ukraine. In particular, to inscribe a norm in it, in accordance with which Ombudsman  can come out as the participant of the administrative legal procedure in public and legal dispute of citizens with the state in the person of its organs of power, organs of local self-government, and also with public figures and officials. Nina Karpachova, as everybody knows, resigned her authorities as Ombudsman. However, the chairman of the parliament Oleksandr Moroz intends to nominate her on this position once again.

At the same time a large number of European remedial organizations expressed a disturbance because of possibility of the repeated appointment of Nina Karpachova.