Viche 2007 2

2, 2007

Id8 Without firing a shot

Fortuity, carelessness, concourse of circumstances, presentiment of tragedy, fate All these in that ill-fated hunt on Kharkivshyna, in the way to the hospital, in it itself and in the country in general (and this is terrible after all) had a decisive importance. Law-enforcers are ready to prefer a charge against the assistant of national deputy Shanzev master of sports of bench-top shooting Dmytro Zavalnyi, who is in hospital However, the discrepancies in the first reports of press that quoted the public prosecutor of Kharkiv region, in particular, and the following can lead onto different questions. For example, what did a wolf seen by hunters jumping out of car do? Is it possible that it waited till a man with a gun would run at least one hundred meters in reverse direction, that is escape? Did Yevhen Petrovych chase the wolf that stood dead? In fact, a public prosecutor said on a press-conference that Yevheniy Kyshnaryov was shot from the distance no less than one hundred meters. And for all that the gun of the latter didnt fire even once!

What happened in reality? Word is given to investigators and courts.

How are people rescued in rural hospitals? Where is our rescue service so much spoken about at all levels, where is the sanitary aviation that in case of necessity used to ferry medical stars to remote villages, or vice versa to transport victims to leading clinics? Why do people in the country, where mans life, health and safety are acknowledged to be the greatest social value, more often trust oversea doctors?

Izym hospital is almost the embodiment of national health protection: a maximum of devotion and a minimum of progress.

We deplore, the country, the state didnt manage to rescue mans life.


Editorial staff of periodical Viche

expresses deep sympathy

to family, relatives and friends

of tragically perished

Yevheniy Kushnaryov