Viche 2015 18

18, 2015

International practice at fighting against corruption as a vector of formation of national anticorruption policy: review of legislation of Romania

The article considers the practices of implementation of anticorruption policy of Romania. The author suggests to take account of the international practice in the legislative process of Ukraine on the possibility to verify the sources of inheritance formation, expedience of introduction of civil forfeiture without bringing in to the criminal responsibility, strengthening of limitations in relation to overlapping and plurality for judges and public prosecutors; creation of special body in the system of the Ministry of Finance which will be authorized to return and manage the funds and property received in the result of unlawful enrichment. The necessity to create the real independence of the regulatory bodies authorized to fight against the corruption, the transparency of their activity and reporting to the society is underlined.
Keywords: corruption, verification of corruption risks, National Anticorruption Directorate of Romania, civil forfeiture.


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