Журнал Viche 2015 №17

№17, 2015

Harlequin passes into nothingness ... Harlequin wanders between us...

Mystetkyi Arsenal paid the tribute to the memory of known Kyiv collector Ihor Dichenko, who passed away at the end of spring. In the spacious halls the exhibition “Harlequin goes...” was opened, where over three hundred works of prominent, mainly national artists of the last century, are exhibited from the legendary collection of Ihor Dichenko. Time sample which demonstrates the advancement of art from avant-gardists to the artists of the new days was given for the consideration of the visitors. 15 graphic works of Dali appear on a noticeable place. In fifty year history of collecting the voices of Malevich, Yermilov, Bogomazov, Tyshler, Palmov, Gorska, Lerman, Zaretskyi, Vaisberg, Tsaholov and of many-many other artists intervolved.