Viche 2015 15

15, 2015

Ukrainian model of modernization: specific features, essence and current tendencies of development

Peculiarity of the Ukrainian model of modernization is predefined foremost by the features of civilization development of the Ukrainian society. At first, historically the political system of Ukraine was oligarchic: already beginning from the XIVXV centuries a few feudal families controlled the majority of Ukrainian territory, nobody could compete with their power. Secondly, Ukraine was the component part of contemporaneity, although it was always the province. This specific position is laid in the deeply engrained description of the Ukrainian society as a society of incomplete or pseudo contemporaneity. We can acknowledge the problems because our modernization does not have any clear valuable and normative regulation, like the spirit of capitalism which M. Weber connected with Protestantism. Enlightenment has not been actually completed on our end [5, p. 11]. Thirdly, the Ukrainian identity is fragmentary. Since the XVI century there were rapid changes in the privileged class of the Ukrainian orthodox gentry, the feeling of authentication with own traditional culture disappears in its environment. The Orthodox Church lost the richest and the most educated followers. The higher orthodox hierarchy chooses the unique way of survival modernization of traditional culture, for what it was necessary to team up with the West.