Viche 2015 15

15, 2015

Big policy of little Lithuania

A year ago when on after Maidan Khreshchatyk in Kyiv the Independence Day was celebrated, the Russian troops, being in camouflage without chevrons, killed Ukrainians on the territory of Ukraine. And this war lasts. There is devastation in Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Blood runs in torrents, mothers hide their sons, widows drowned in salt tears, children become orphans. Ukrainians with the weapon in hands protect the independence of their Motherland. It is on the 24th year of independence of Ukraine. The Republic of Lithuania has been independent for one year more. On March, 11, 1990 the Verkhovna Rada of this also soviet republic accepted the Act of Reinstating Independence of Lithuania. It said that the realization of sovereign plenary powers of the Lithuanian State, which was abolished in 1940 by the external force, was reinstated. Lets see where Lithuania is now, and where Ukraine is... Before the Act was proclaimed, Algirdas Brazauskas had a meeting with Mykhailo Gorbachev. Secretary-General made the condition: USD 21 milliard and Klaipeda is the cost of independence of Lithuania. It was said that Brazauskas mentioned the amount of 500 milliard for the occupation of Lithuania. That was it. The big countries of the West did not hurry to acknowledge the independence of Lithuania, they wanted other Union countries do it first. And, finally, it happened. No matter how strange it is, Moldova turned out to be the first one to acknowledge the independence of Lithuania, and already then Iceland did it. It was in 1991. New Lithuania conducted the first democratic elections in spring of 1992, and then people were also asked about the institute of president. In October of the same year the new Constitution was adopted. The state did not join the CIS. Like Ukraine did one week after the referendum on December, 1, 1991. That year Lithuania became a member of OSCE and UNO. In 1993 it entered into the European Council. Member of NATO 2002, Member of the European Union 2004. And it became the member of the Schengen agreement in 2007. Ukraine did not choose the direct way from the totalitarian snares of the empire. And which was the philosophy of Lithuanian government? It is explained in the interview dated August, 30, 1990, made by Svitlana Pysarenko, of that time correspondent of Kyiv Regional Newspaper Kyiivska Pravda, with Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the Republic of Lithuania Vytautas LANDSBERGIS.