Viche 2015 15

15, 2015

Lessons of Mukachevo

For almost quarter century of independence of Ukraine Zakarpattia was usually on the margin of large policy and only once stroke the Ukrainian politicum, making resonance even abroad. It was in 2004 when there were ahead of time elections of city chairman in Mukachevo. Then the regional power, headed by SDPU(o), showed the new armory in order not to let Victor Baloha from Nasha Ukraina gain the victory. Mukachevo political technologies of Viktor Medvedchuk, who was then Head of Administration of the President of Ukraine, then were widely used during the presidential elections, which, in the end, resulted in Pomarancheva Revolution. In 2004 Mukachevo became the synonym of the dirtiest elections in Ukraine.

Oleksandr HAVROSH