Viche 2015 15

15, 2015

Illegal transport operator: anarchy at the cost of a billion

Illegal transport operator in the context of this article is the owner of a vehicle who uses it to provide the public service to carry passengers on inter-city connection without a proper license for it. Presently the losses of the budget of Ukraine caused by the activity of illegal passenger inter-city transport operators are estimated by us for more than a billion hryvnya per annum (the 5th channel, making its own investigation in 2013, estimated it in one billion USD; program Special view. Marshrutky dated November, 5, 2013). There were many other investigations with this regards, programs on TV, articles in mass-media. All of them covered this sensitive issue, but, unfortunately, none of the materials gives concrete recommendations how to solve the problem of illegals. It gives the interested parties an occasion to declare that it is impossible to solve the problem within the limits of current legislation.