Viche 2015 15

15, 2015

Nelia KUKOVALSKA: The first task is to revive the scientific school and to develop it into Saint Sofiia Institute

The sky above the Sofiia domes is an eternal theme for landscape-painters. The spiritual pulse of the land is heard in the stone of the ancient laying, lines of graffiti, story lines of mosaics and frescos. Saint Sofiia attracts like a magnet and every visit to it gives you the bunch of reasons for texts and pictures. Present reasons to visit the National Sanctuary Complex "Sophiia of Kiev" were mixed up with the native thirst to touch the secrets, the aspiration to dive in deep history, and the desire to listen to Nelia Kukovalska, who recently returned. She is back from the mint of intrigue which lasted for two years and eight months, she was unfairly fired in 2012, and now General Manager occupies its position again. There is no need to retell the story which once was spread by both ill-wishers and well-wishers of Ms Nelia. The main thing is that the victory was gained. She mobilized the forces, and gathered good staff around herself. And she made up her mind to develop glorious scientific traditions of Sophiia of Kiev, and to make a worthy image of the Ukrainian sight of planetary significance.