Viche 2015 13

13, 2015

Responsibility. Possibility. Property.

Even John Rockefeller wrote in his days that any right imposes responsibility, any possibility obligates, and any property causes a sense of duty. This triad is the driving force of a progress. These principles form the country of free people. At the same time limitation or encroachment upon a right of a property owner contradicts the Ukrainian national ideal which is historically basing on a primacy of private property rights.Today society in Ukraine on the verge of radical changes and requires improvement of legal support of property rights. So the Institute of Legislation of the Verkhovna Rada on June, 2-4, held the three-day Ukrainian German research-to-practice conference and the seminar for students and professionals on very topical issue at present time Improvement of enforceability of a property rights in Ukraine, Germany and Poland.