Viche 2015 13

13, 2015

Aquarium is against Ukraine or the Secret war of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate

With increasing frequency in the reports from the ATO territory goes about the participation of the troops of special purpose of the Main Intelligence Directorate (hereinafter - GRU) of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the army actions. The presence of the invaders in the Ukrainian land is not a secret for anybody, except perhaps many citizens of Russia, who are still not capable to assess properly what is happening in Eastern Ukraine because of high rating of their Kremlin leader and his deceitful propaganda. Meanwhile, invaders are fighting, committing war crimes. As part of a hybrid war against our country GRU or Aquarium (the informal name of the security services) plays a key role, and its saboteurs are the main driving force of the Russian aggression.