Журнал Viche 2015 №12

№12, 2015

Decentralization of power as a factor in maintaining the stability of constitutional mode: theory and practice

Theoretical and practical issues of decentralization of power are considered. Attention is paid to that the legal framework of mechanisms of realization of decentralization, which is established in the regulations of the Constitution and legislation of Ukraine, does not correspond to the philosophy of the European charter of local self-government to the full extent.
The conclusion is made that today the number of objective and subjective dangers of development of uncontrolled political consequences is an obstacle to the decentralization with the real delegation of powers for real self-sufficiency of local self-government. And, as the author asserts, there is no other alternative of decentralization. Because realization of successful decentralization of power is the guarantee for effective territorial development and providing of the real democracy in Ukraine.
Key words: decentralization of power, local self-government authorities, delegation of powers, real democracy.