Журнал Viche 2015 №12

№12, 2015

Influence of decentralization on the efficiency of public authority

The author analyses the introduction of decentralization of power as a process of transfer of part of functions and plenary powers of the central government authorities to the local self-government authorities and the problem which can appear during the realization of the planned reform. Its instruments are also described. Above all things, this refers to the election of local authorities by direct vote, vesting local authorities with more powers, providing local authorities with proper resources, formation of self-sufficient societies. The author also mentions the reasons for which the planned arrangements on decentralization are not always successfully realized to the full extent, and makes concrete examples – intentions to introduce electronic government, reform of public finances, public purchasing and state property management. It is also stated that the introduced process of decentralization should not be limited only to the sphere of local self-government and state services rendering, but should cover economy, medicine, education, public welfare, etc.
Key words: decentralization, deconcentration, authorities, local self-government authorities, administrative services, territorial community.