Журнал Viche 2015 №12

№12, 2015

Formation of well to do territorial communities — pre-condition

The author proves that the government and the parliament of Ukraine are interested in providing the local self-government with the content, authorities and responsibility, like it is foreseen by the European charter of local self-government, which was ratified by Ukraine. In accordance with the principles of this document, last year on the 1st of April the new model of local self-government concept was adopted, which foresees the providing of its ubiquity, resource base for the effective management at basic, sub regional and regional levels. The executive power at the latest two levels will be carried out by the executive committees. However, the author convinces that doubts in relation to the efficiency of changes, fear of them and even certain resistance appear on the way from the ideas about the party electoral programs to the realization of the project of decentralization concept.
One of arguments is insufficiency of staff potential at the local level. Explanatory informational work on the study of successful experience of association of territorial communities and their collaboration is conducted.
Key words: authorities, local self-government, new model, ubiquity, resource base.

Viacheslav NEHODA