Viche 2015 12

12, 2015

Concept issues of regional policy and decetralization of power in Ukraine in terms of European integration processes

The mechanisms of policy of decentralization in terms of both modern constitutional reform and European integration processes are analyzed in the article. The author considers that the present time requires not only selective changes of the proper section of the Constitution of Ukraine but also the change of philosophy of the whole model of regulation of activity of local self-government. He emphasizes on that at the constitutional level it is necessary clearly and comprehensively to settle the status of territorial community as a primary subject of local self-government, core bearer of its functions and authorities, to define the features of its legal standing. And in the text of the Basic Law it is expedient to settle the principle according to which local self-government will become a type of public power independent and organizationally separated from the state authorities. The author also marks: the reception of municipal experience of the European countries, where there is a principle according to which local self-government is allowed to do what is not forbidden, will become the evidence of that the state trusts its territorial communities and citizens, respects their municipal freedoms and enables to select freely the directions of the municipal activity, as well as it will also create the legal terms for the formation of territorial communities capable and responsible for their municipal life, it will contribute to the engagement of wide range of public relations which appear at the municipal level to the issues of local value, as well as to the decentralization of public power, differentiation of functions and authorities of the bodies of executive power and local self-government. Keywords: regional policy, decentralization of power, European integration, European integration processes, mechanism of decentralization policy, status of territorial community.