Viche 2015 11

11, 2015

Not a beauty contest, but...

Kyiv considers the results of the summit Eastern Partnership to be positive. Conditions of the free trade area with Ukraine will be carried out from January, 1 2016 during which the visa-free regime is pending. EU and partner countries confirmed their stance on condemning the annexation of the Crimea and provided Ukraine with 1.8 billion Euro aid. These are the main results of the Summit of EU leaders and the countries participating in the program Eastern Partnership, held in Riga on 22-23 May. Ukrainian experts talked about disappointment in Europe: in the final paragraph of the declaration there is no item about membership perspective and about giving a visa-free regime. However, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he is satisfied with the document signed in the Latvian capital, which confirms that the EU supports Kyiv and other members of the Eastern Partnership. The prospect of membership is the main goal of Ukraine, and on the receiving Brussels green light for visa-free travel Kyiv will work actively and finish off the issue later this year.