Журнал Viche 2015 №11

№11, 2015

Marine trade unions are getting prepared to the active actions

A number of important issues of port industry - project of a unique collective agreement for the branches of the Administration of the Sea Ports of Ukraine (ASPU), volumes of assignments by the administrations of ports to the trade unions, staff policy and financing of the social sphere – caused a sharp polemic at the regular meeting of the Coordinating Council of Chairmen of the Trade Union Organizations of the Sea Transport of Ukraine in Odesa. Leaders of the trade-union motion even declared about the willingness to bring people to the street if their requirements are not heard again. The meeting took place at the Sea Station and was headed by Volodymyr Zaikov – Chairman of the Trade Union of Workers of the Sea Transport of Odesa Sea Port. Acting Chairman of SE “ASPU” Ihor Shuba and Honored President of Odesa Sea Port, Hero of Ukraine Mykola Pavliuk participated in the meeting.