Журнал Viche 2015 №11

№11, 2015

Poltava region through historical parallels

Presently, when again there are quite a lot of talks about the administrative-territorial reform, we should recall the history. Here is the old map of Poltava province... It makes the heart soar! In the north Poltava region had a direct exit to present Ukrainian-Russian border, and shared border with Kursk province. In the south Poltava territories began from the Dnipro River, even from Kherson region. It was a small area, although, but take a look at the modern map and imagine that Poltava region and Kherson are neighbors! Romny, Pryluky, Pereiaslav (Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi), Zolotonosha, Kostyantynograd (Krasnograd) – all these cities also belonged to Poltava province. Today it is Boryspil – the air gates of the country, and 200 years ago it was the settlement outskirt of the province – capillary center of Pereiasliv district.