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Viche 2015 11

11, 2015

Hospital - legend of Pechersk hills

Acquaintance with the oldest public medical institution in Ukraine coincided with magnolia blossom period. Together with other diverse vegetation they flooded area of the hospital - the legend of the capital Pechersk. This coziness is like a compensation for the trouble and pain, which for many years have been tamed a lot. The vault of old buildings watched the doctors courage of military and peaceful period. Doctors, who saved heroes, became heroes themselves. Main Military Clinical Hospital is the successor of Kyiv Military Hospital which was founded at the request of Kyiv governor according to the Decree of the Senate Medical Office June 10, 1755 (by the way, this happened 21 years earlier than the USA appeared on the worlds map). In a newborn medical institution for 50 beds there were three branches - traumatology, surgery, fever. Deputy Head of the hospital working with staff, Colonel Hennadiy PIEROV thoroughly versed in the history of the institution. On the eve of the anniversary he told us about the glorious past of the hospital (key facts from the words of the interlocutor are selectively cited in this article). And also Hennadiy Borysovych arranged a real tour during which he introduced us to the hospital chief, major-general of medical service Anatoliy Kazmirchuk. What interested us the most? The work of doctors during the war and, in particular, during the last year of the Ukrainian military life.