Viche 2015 11

11, 2015

And the desert hearsMars

In dream or reality, but very clearly, in the recognizable details I see people running and waving guns near the sea surf. No shots are heard. Or they are damped by the cry of seagulls and the rustle of the waves. The crowd approached and I saw teenagers with fake guns. This picture is probably the first vivid impression of Israel (except grapefruits that grow near the airport on the roadside). Later I was told that sometimes physical education lessons at school are held in such way. When traveling over Promised Land, people with guns (real ones) as well as grapefruit along the road came across to me quite often. Involuntarily I remembered a native Ukrainian steppe. And fruit goods, also ... the roadblocks, people with weapons ... Apparently, it is difficult, even impossible to draw parallels, yet what I saw not only with the eyes but also with the mind involuntarily forced me to look for similarities, multi-vector and to construct some holistic picture of Israeli-Ukrainian life.