Журнал Viche 2015 №7

№7, 2015

Battle for Berlin

In March 1945 the Soviet troops occupied positions 60 kilometers from the capital of the Reich. Despite of heavy losses in winter period, the Nazi leadership managed by mid-April to increase the number of connections on the Eastern Front up to 15 divisions concentrating here for a general 214 divisions (including 34 tanks, 15 motorized) and 14 crews. The grouping of the Wehrmacht that defended Berlin numbered 85 divisions (about one million people, 10,400 guns and mortars, 1,500 tanks and assault guns, 3,300 combat aircrafts). In key areas each kilometer of front had an average of 60 guns and mortars, 17 tanks and self-propelled guns (ACS); for every 3 miles – a division.

Oleksander Lysenko Valeriy HRYTSYUK