Viche 2014 18

18, 2014

Objectivity of Examination of a Criminal Event at the Stage of Pretrial Proceedings Is Impossible without Freedom of Thought and Action of the Subject to Conduct an Investigation

The institute of pretrial proceedings under a new Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine is studied. Rules of criminal procedural legislation on a procedural form of pretrial investigation; powers of an investigator and their relationships with a prosecutor and a head of the investigative unit are analyzed. A number of irregularities of the normative regulation of social relations practically arising during pretrial investigation and relating to significant restrictions of procedural independence and autonomy of an investigator are detected. The author points out some rules of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine of 1960 which could effectively have been applied in such situations.r
Appropriate suggestions for improvement of current legislation regarding the procedural status of an investigator are made.r
Keywords: investigator, prosecutor, head of the investigative unit, pretrial investigation, investigative examination of a criminal event.r


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