Журнал Viche 2014 №14

№14, 2014

Legal Reform as a Form of Modernization of the Legal System of Ukraine

A legal analysis of mechanisms for efficient constitutional development of Ukraine which should ensure improvement and harmonization of all sectors (including legal) of social life is carried out. Special attention is paid to determination of the leading role of the law reform as a form of modernization of the legal system. It is noted that legal reform is to be divided into three main areas, i.e. constitutional, legislative, and judicial ones. In the context of realization of the constitutional reform, the process of improving the national legal system is emphasized. It is proven that the search for a model to develop principles of social and political and economic systems of our state has to be heavily tested by confidence that is caused by recognition of the vigour of the Constitution of Ukraine.
Keywords: legal system, legal reform, Constitution of Ukraine, laws, Constitutional Assembly