Viche 2014 5

5, 2014

Russia brought its troops to the territory of Ukraine without declaring the war

And at this Putin, president-aggressor tells at the conference that he did it on the request of Yanukovych, president-fugitive, who signed the letter-appeal about the use of Military Forces of Russia to protect life, freedom and health of citizens of Ukraine.
Putin does not want even to listen to that Russia used to sign the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, according to which, it together with Great Britain and the USA guarantee the safety for Ukraine which was the only one in the world to unload the nuclear weapon. As a journalist I was at the summit then. Its participants then persuaded Russia to sign this document. The countries of the nuclear club showed an outstanding persistence. And now after twenty years have passed the Russian ruler-dictator showed his essence, and declared that Ukraine in relation to which the memorandum was signed does not exist anymore. And he does not acknowledge another one. Dont we have luck with guarantors?!