Viche 2014 5

5, 2014

Moral imperatives of Maidan

The phenomenon of Ukrainian Maidan found out extraordinarily complicated social and political problems which became the new call of the present for the whole Ukrainian society. And not only for it. The task of the modern generation before the coming one is to understand and master the lessons of Maidan which are sanctified with blood of Celestial hundred, so that it became the background on which the school of progressive social culture could be formed for citizens and the possibilities of development of new Ukraine could be found.

The whole class of honest people of Ukraine, which suffers from a dishonest class, must realize: the liberation of the society from this burden is possible only when general population captures the idea of moral resistance to the invasion of dishonesty and mass support of moral reform. Without this reform in the policy and public life all will resume its natural course

Expressing the moral imperatives shouting Glory! or Disgrace!, Maidan became a direct express of will of the civil society in relation to moral principles of the Ukrainian state system and policy. Moral, in particular in the field of policy, which for some period of time was a stone which was not used by builders, due to Maidan must be put in the background of development of new Ukraine.

Oleksandr KOSTENKO