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Viche 2014 №5

№5, 2014

Celestial hundred

The heroes of Celestial hundred are not average people but chosen ones because they defended the dearest of what the God gave to a man gave – that is life at the expense of their own life.

Reading about them in the social network, you understand: they are active light people. They already turned the world around by the way of their life. Among them there were wonderful family men, good administrators, reliable bread-winners, masters with gifted hands who already built their farmsteads, gave birth to children and more than all loved Ukraine.

Handsome men at the heights of their power often left native and beloved people and went to Europe to earn money, but they always returned because they knew that there is no better country than Motherland. At for the sake of Motherland they all went to Maidan.

And young people of Celestial Hundred (the youngest one was 17 years old) are dreamers, intellectual people who actively wrote to each other in the social network with the whole world, travelled abroad, liked to travel around Ukraine and had the real projects and plans already for today, already now. Colleagues of the killed political scientist Serhiy Kemskyi, with whom he founded the Institute of Political and Economic Risks, tell about the projects which have been already realizable by him. Serhiy created the web portal about Ukraine for the English-speaking users, he organized the web site where the lawyers gave free of charge consultations on-line. He exposed the corrupt officials and conducted the series of own investigations. He wrote about the tasks and actions of Maidan on December, 19, 2013 in the article “Listen, Maidan?”, because he considered that it has to be permanent in all Ukraine: “All this is not simple. But fundamental changes in the society never happen without thousands and thousands of people who decided to live differently”.