Журнал Viche 2014 №5

№5, 2014

Spring attack of Ukrainian fronts

In military grief century of planetary scale, which the Second World War was, the territory of Ukraine became the main arena of battle actions not once. Five from twelve strategic offensive operations of the Red Army of 1944 related to the territory Ukraine. Among them the offensive of the Soviet troops in the first half of 1944 on the south-west area of the Soviet-German front was noted with the scale, dynamic, effectiveness and variety of forms and methods of conduct of battle actions. Their co-ordination was the responsibility of Supreme Commander-In-Chief – Marshal of the Soviet Union G. Zhukov (1st and 2nd Ukrainian fronts) and Marshal of the Soviet Union O. Vasylevskyi (3rd and 4th Ukrainian fronts).

Valeriy HRYTSYUK , Oleksandr LYSENKO