Viche 2014 3

3, 2014

Verkhovna Rada has actually become a main anti crisis center on which the renewal of order and peace in the country depends

marked Chairman of the Parliament Volodymyr RYBAK at the meeting with the heads of diplomatic missions of the countries of the European Union

Taking into account the system character of the reasons and nature of present political crisis, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine already made a decision to start the system settlement of the crisis situation for the protracted period. I mean the decision of the extraordinary session of the Parliament to begin the process of improvement of the constitutional structure of the Ukrainian society. Let me remind you that during the extraordinary session the draft decree on formation of the Temporal Special Commission (TSC) of the Parliament responsible for the drafting the bill on amending the Constitution of Ukraine (in relation to the returning to the parliament-presidential form of the rule) was registered. We approach to the consensus on this important issue. Country's leader Viktor Yanukovych shares this position as well.