Viche 2014 3

3, 2014

Balance of interests as a principle of consensus democracy: before the issue is defined

In 2012 Doctor of historical sciences Anatoliy Styopin marked: If to give a glance on our past impartiality, it seems that during the whole history Ukrainians had lack of consensus approach in order to settle many urgent issues of the political life successfully, lack of ability to reach agreements and unite. Then the research worker expresses hope that for the sake of its self-preservation Ukraine in a medium-term prospect will develop exactly due to the consensus democracy, collaboration of different political forces, concordance of their interests, achievement of structural agreements, consolidation of political elite and the whole society. Present political reality simply pushes us to such way. However, this issue is so complicated that its successful settlement is impossible without active participation of all political forces and responsible and structural position of every citizen of Ukraine [1].