Viche 2014 3

3, 2014

Concept of horizons that... move from each other

Academic science, in spite of unfavorable conditions both for development and its potentiality maintenance, remains one of the most significant acquisitions of our state. Due to that Ukraine is still a noticeable enough country in the scientific map of the world. In difficult 1990ies and during the periods of economic crises in the new century basic efforts of scientists of the National Academy of Sciences were concentrated on the maintenance of scientific schools, establishments, collectives, and science itself. However it is impossible to preserve scientific potential till the better times that is why the main scientific institution of the state, adapting to present realities, can help changing, and the question about its reformation becomes more acute. What is the scientists reaction to present challenges? To a certain extent their position, at least of the academic management, is represented in Conception of development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for 20142023.