Журнал Viche 2014 №3

№3, 2014

In the snares of ghostly settled way of life

Conversation about the apartments where Taras Shevchenko lived was caused by the overexploited theme of his monadism during the whole life. And it was rather caused by a desire to give a glance on this theme through another prism.

Monadism of Kobzar is a cross what he bore naturally as though it all had to be like that. He belonged to that kind of personality who found the settled way of life to be identical to the world catastrophe. Besides, Shevchenko dissipated most years taken him on to the short chain of serfdom and reference. It is therefore possible to assume that in actual fact he escaped from the ghost of static comfort rather than consciously wanted it. And frequent talks of Taras about the arrangement of his own nest – as though it was an insistently repeated mantra, in which content he tried to trust.