Viche 2006 22

22, 2006

Our new people are in the PAEC

They are to work in Strasburg at 18sessions more

The members of the new delegation of the parliament formed shortly before an autumn session arrived to the regular session of the Parliament assembly of the European Council that took place in the beginning of the October. Some our deputies felt themselves at ease in the Palace of Europe, because they have visited it not for the first time. And some have arrived for the first time. They wanted first of all to look at others. And, undoubtedly, to prove oneself...

In our new delegation there are traditionally 12 permanent members. The same is the number of their assistances. That is to say there are 24 members of parliament. On the first day of the work in October the PAEC confirmed their plenary powers. Consequently, since now in the Palace of Europe 5 members of regions, 4 representatives of the BYT, 2 our Ukrainians and 1 socialist will work. The representative of the SPU and the chairman of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of foreign business Vitaliy Shybka was chosen to be the chairman of delegation at the PAEC. He has three assistances. Earlier, we will remind, the ex-chairman Boris Oliynyk had only one assistant Anatoliy Rakhanskyi. Henceforth Vitaliy Shybkos assistances are: Serhiy Holovatyi, Hryhoriy Nemyrya and Borys Kolesnikov. Serhiy Holovatyi the ex-minister of justice and one of bulwarksof the previous delegations of Ukraine at the PAEC was also commissioned in position of vice-chairman by the assembly. There are no Communists among new permanent members the leader of the CPU Petro Symonenko is the assistance of one of permanent members of the delegation of the parliament of Ukraine.

This time the parliament of Ukraine at last fulfilled one of the principle requirements of the European Council: women got to a new delegation. You know there have been none of them during the last 10 years. That is the reason why the European Council systematically criticized Ukraine. They are Olena Bondarenko, Oksana Bilozir and Rayisa Bohatyryova. The chairman of the delegation of Ukraine in the PAEC Vitaliy Shybko was satisfied with its new membership and working mood of the colleagues.

Sergiy Doyko