Viche 2014 1

1, 2014

About the necessity of use of the world experience in the fight against corruption in domestic practice

Among three basic varieties of corruption domestic, professional and political the latter is usually considered to be the most dangerous one, because it is based on the mechanisms of manipulation of mass-media and information and communication technologies (ICT), and it has access to the rich in content databases, and all these allows to distribute other forms of social corruption. Selling power and informative resources of the countries, some political leaders and civil servants satisfy various ambitious interests, beginning with the most primitive like bribes and ending with granting of academic ranks, which, finally, contribute to the achievement of their primary purpose material wealth. Such tendency testifies incessant degradation of the political and state creative systems, and in our country it is one of basic threats to its national safety and sovereignty [5, p. 19-20].

Oleksandr SOSNIN