Viche 2014 1

1, 2014

Nataliya ONSCHENKO: I have never experienced gender discrimination. But my case is rather an exception

The known Nietzsches formula Mans happiness is what I want, the womans happiness is what he wants- with all due respect to the thinker, seems anachronism for a long time. And now it makes the ears tingle even more because now women are smart, educated, and successful. It is not surprising that men are increasingly with masterly skill perform motherly duties during maternity leave. Arguments regarding the roles of both genders in the society were caused by the decision of the European Parliament to declare 2014 the year of combining work and family life. And this became the opportunity to meet with Natalia Onishchenko the friend and the author of our magazine, the head of the Department of the states theory and law of V. M. Koretskiy State and Law Institute, the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, the Doctor of Law, the Professor, the honored lawyer of Ukraine, the corresponding member of the National Academy of the Law Sciences of Ukraine.