Журнал Viche 2006 №22

№22, 2006


Status of the state executive power must be urgently legalized

The law "About Ministry of Ukraine" has to give a scientific prove for solving the authoritative difficulties. How exactly? For legislators notice - experts' viewpionts.

Even ten years ago the main principles of a lawful state were fixed in the Constitution of Ukraine. According to them man may do anything that is not forbiden by the law, and the bodies of the state authority - only permitted by law. Mainly it concerns the activity of the highest bodies of the state authority of Ukraine, particularly the President of Ukraine, the Ministry and some others.

Today Verkovna Rada applies to the legislation "About the Ministry of Ukraine". For seven times the Parliament has been examining legislation on this problem. But decrees of the lawmakers were not signed by the President (at that time Leonid Kuchma) without any reasons. Even on terms of the negotiation of his veto by a qualified majority of the people's deputies (more than 300 votes), that  testifies to a noneffective work of the highest bodies of the state power in Ukraine.

Mykola Malyshko