Viche 2013 23

23, 2013

The final destruction of chemical weapons? .. OPCW and the Nobel Peace Prize

Traditionally for over 110 years in Stockholm and Oslo on December 10 a ceremony awarding the Nobel Prize laureates is held. The event attracts a considerable attention of not only scientists but also the general public since these are the achievements of scientists and experts that are the result of many years of creativity and victorious work and had the implicit recognition of the world scientific community. This most famous and prestigious international award is given for a unique research and revolutionary discoveries and inventions in physics, chemistry, economics, medicine and physiology as well as a significant contribution to the cause of peace and culture. The sum of the Nobel Prize 2013 in each category is 8 million Swedish kronor (1.2 million US dollars).
Many experts predictions that sounded quite actively on the eve of the award of the Nobel Peace Prize 2013 were not reflected in the official decision of the Norwegian Nobel Committee which occupied the position of a kind of distancing from individuals and again this year gave award to the international organizations. After appealing to the definition of disarmament as an important part of the covenant of Alfred Nobel the Committee decided to award the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) which is making great efforts for the destruction of this kind of weapons.