Журнал Viche 2013 №23

№23, 2013

Landfill for testing of Euro standards

Today Europe is increasingly hospitably opens doors to government officials, businessmen and ordinary citizens of Ukraine. Visiting a particular country, our people pay attention primarily to the hospitality of Europeans, their readiness to help. Especially the police deserve good words, you can ask them any question, of course, knowing the language of the state in which you stay or English, and get practical help or even drink coffee at the police station. In Europe it is seen as an everyday duty for police officer because the police is primarily a service for the citizens. The police of Ukraine should eventually become like the one in Europe – it should be the service that provides citizens with protection in the society. Pretty serious steps towards such standards are made now at Lviv State University of Internal Affairs. This is a subject of the conversation of our correspondent with rector of university, General-Lieutenant, Doctor of Law, Professor Mykhaylo TSYMBALYUK.