Viche 2013 23

23, 2013

Magic flute wakes up

Every city has its pulsation, rhythm of life. But not everybody feels it, but only those who live consciously and with the idea of their mission in the society. Lviv always came into the notice of talented people who for mane ages contributed with the fruit of their work to it. Now these treasures attract a great number of tourists. However it does not give a life-giving pulse directed on development of the city. Presently workaday molecular Lviv space is in public stagnation or as residents of Galychyna say - in the social cork of hypocrisy, lie, fear, envies. Therefore the staging of Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at Solomiya Kryshelnytska Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater became momentous and non-random. In fact it offers the formula of life in all plenitude of beauty of the veritable mission of a man in the earthly world. Modern reading of Magic Flute is a subject of conversation of journalist of Viche Larysa Marchuk with bandleader-producer, honoured artist of Ukraine Myron YUSYPOVYCH .