Журнал Viche 2006 №22

№22, 2006

Foundations of political prognostics

The researcher marks that political guidance of Ukraine in its actions must orient oneself on the scientifically grounded prognoses, because they are one of guarantees of the supposed development of concrete events and a social and political processes on the whole. It is difficult to disagree with it, because at present-day conditions the insolvency to forecast means the insolvency to carry out the reforms. Therefore the author's vision of political prognostication is realized in research of V. Horbatenko, namely: finding out, of his place, role and means in the modern political development; opening of strategy and tactic of state prognostication; illumination of the acknowledged variants of socio-political prognostication of the future; interpretation of basic social and political tendencies of development of human civilization and situation of postmodernism, which create a picture accessible for review of the future. All of these problems are extraordinarily important for a specialists in industry of political prognostication.