Журнал Viche 2006 №22

№22, 2006

Is an economic miracle possible?

Yes, if the competitiveness will become the basis of country development

A competitiveness (further CS) of country is not the labour productivity or business income. From known economic indicators of CS differs containing  in itself the a long-term aspect of country development , which means that country has the possibility to preserve high rates of economic growing – such, as a permanent growth of level gross domestic product, that in a final result leads to a high level people's life. In a wide aspect CS contains in itself more than 300 indexes and expert estimations, where: 83 are economic indicators, 77 is a management and labours of government, 69 – business efficiency, 94 -  infrastructures. For measuring and analysis of all of these indexes there are a few use methods using of which enables to range the countries economies.