Viche 2013 18

18, 2013

Rights, citizen, society, state in the context of global information challenges

The most important thing in human rights - the freedom of speech and opinion is stated in General Declaration on Human Rights on December, 10, 1948. The special character of this right is determined by the fact of its double registering in this document. Already at the beginning of General Declaration on Human Rights, in its preamble, there is an aspiration of the world association to ...create the world where people will have freedom of speech and opinion, and be clear of fear and poverties... [1, p. 7]. And article 19 of this the most important international and legal document specifies and decrypts this regulation. Every person has a right on freedom of opinion and on its free expression; this right includes freedom to hold a view without obstacles and freedom to look for, get and spread the information and ideas by any means and regardless of state boundaries [1, p. 5].