Журнал Viche 2013 №15

№15, 2013

Nation chose a blue and yellow flag

Today it is known quite a few versions about the origin of the blue and yellow Ukrainian flag. Let us say, some historians claim that the colours of today’s national flag of Ukraine had banners as far back as in the time of Kyiv Rus, certain historians confirm that for the first time blue and yellow colours were joined on the Lviv emblem, which was presented to the city by its founder – the king Danylo Halytsky. There is also a version that a blue and yellow flag was presented to the citizens of the Western Ukraine, which was then a member of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, by the imperial family in sign of gratitude for the participation of Ruthenian regiment in the suppression of revolt in Hungary. As we can see, the history and the vexillology (science about flags) do not give more or less unequivocal respond as to the origin of the national Ukrainian banner.