Viche 2013 15

15, 2013

Good affairs of villagers from Dobre village

The events, which take place by our side or in the neighbors street, in microdistrict, in the native village or city depend on us a lot, on the striving for learning to multiply, create, develop and improve those that surround us. An example can be the village Dobre, situated along Yalta highway at a distance of 20 kilometres from Simferopol. Dobre rural council, which consists of several territorial units ( Dobre, Perevalne, Pionerske, Krasnolissa, Zarichne villages and others) and unites 40 thousand of citizens, over three years managed to rally a great army of enthusiasts, capable to turn every of inhabited locality into a pearl of the Crimean region. As the head of rural council Ihor Budanov mentioned during a talk with the correspondent of Viche, without active participation of every citizen in the life of the village, we would hardly manage to put all the plans into life. The main what we aimed at is the desire of Dobre villagers to work and to accept common decisions.