Viche 2013 15

15, 2013

Ice-cream with the blackberry. August 1 marked 100th years since the passing of Lesya Ukrainka

Kiss you wrote a genius poetess. Put the full stop, afterwards decisively added her last word on the paper: Lesya. And put the full stop. Also the last one. Such was the signature on the greeting card, addressed to her sister Olha Kosach-Kryvyniuk, who celebrated birthday in Lotsmanska Kamianka. She worked in this Cossack settlement in front of Dnieper rapids as provincial patronage doctor, she was elder than Larysa(Lesya), loved her unspeakably, inextinguishably as a younger sister Izydora. The heart started to hurt, she began to set off to the unknown Georgian village Surami, where the sister was treated. But she did not come in time to say good-bye. She was a few hours late only.