Viche 2006 20

20, 2006

Opposition holds its position

Metamorphoses of parliamentary coalitions formation gave a chance to feel a fancifulness of the fate. All political forces had time to try their opposition role, which seem to be "democratic, European and constructive" It may be a chance. A chance that laws will not be passed "for" somebodys interests. That they will be created for the present times and for good.

During the examining in the committees of the Verkhovna Rada two bills appeared. Their purpose is to determine the work of the opposition. The first is the draft of a law "About an opposition political work given by the faction of Party of regions. Its authors - people's deputies Rayisa Bohatyr'ova, Mykola Komar, Taras Chornovil, Valeriy Bevzenko. The second is the draft of a law "About parliamentary opposition". Its authoress is Yuliya Tymoshenko.


Nowadays YTB faction clearly declared its opposition status. This faction is interested in passing a legally acceptable law. That is why we addressed to a people's deputy Mykola TOMENKO as he is not only one of the opposition leaders and an authoritative êîíåöôîðìûíà÷àëîôîðìûpolitical scientist - with the request to express his own viewpoint on the perspectives of passing a law about the opposition