Журнал Viche 2006 №20

№20, 2006

Borys OLIYNYK: "We have to work without overstepping the limits of the European Council standards"

New members of a permanent delegation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the Parliamentary assembly of the European Council were finally appointed. But there was nothing on the web site of Verkhovna Rada for a long time. After a spring parliamentary election a few our representatives visited a summer session of the PAEC in Strasbourg: only 3 out of 12 members of a permanent delegation. They are former delegation heads and the ex-deputies - Borys Oliynyk and Anatoliy Rakhans'kyi. There was also CPU and the present people's deputy Petro Symonenko. Others did not go. They were engaged in internal policy. And somebody did not get into the parliament and did not become a people's deputy. And accordingly the PAEC member.


Ukraine's hero, a known politician and writer Borys Oliynyk has been irremovably leading the Ukrainain delegation in PAEC since then, 11 years ago our country has become a member of the European Council. Eight times he was elected a vice-president of the PAEC. He was the member of the PAEC Office - the highest organ of the assembly. Oliynyk is not forgotten in Strasbourg. And will never be forgotten. There are impartial reasons to say so. In summer, during a scheduled session of Parliamentary assembly 2006, the European Council presented him the highest honour - medal "For achievements". Also he received a status of a "special guest".

On June, 26 at the beginning of that session a reward ceremony  of head of a permanent delegation of Ukaraine in the PAEC Borys Oliynyk ( left side of the photo) and his deputy Anatoliy Rahans'kyi ( right side of the photo) with this highest honour of the Parliamentary assembly.

Serhiy DOYKO